Tuesday, December 15, 2020

20201215 3.50 pm binary option trading of AUDUSD

Binary option is a good trading instrument if you know trade timing and fund management. This photo shows example of trading binary option of AUDUSD in a binary option trading platform on the right and studying the chart in TradingView with ProfitBee59 trading assistant ai on the left. The binary option of AUDUSD on 15th December 2020 at 3.30 pm Bangkok time had 76% profit rate. 

Using a very short time-frame of 15 seconds, the pb59 ai showed a fast line of 20 bar average and a slow line of 200 bar average. The bars were labeled by positive and negative numbers according to CC59 counting method. From the left edge of the chart, there were clues that led to a CALL entry of binary option including a red arrow pointing down, a W-shape pattern formation and a green arrow pointing up, respectively. At 3.30 pm, the bar counting changed from -3 to +1. The price surpassed the high of a latest red bar. This was a low risk CALL entry for a binary option expiring at 3.52 pm. The amount of money used in each entry should be about 10% of the account. This trade finished with "In The Money" and 76% profit.

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รับสิทธิ์เข้าใช้ ProfitBee59 stock graph ai แล้วเริ่มเรียนเทรดกับ ดร.กราฟ ฟรี
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