Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Using pb4 ai in trade planning of FB daily.

This daily chart of FB has a nine-day average line with red and green color depending on the trading direction decided by ProfitBee59 v4.0 (pb4) ai.  The pb4 ai also gives support and resistance (SNR)  levels in light blue (generated when the bar count arrives at -9) or orange (created when the bar count reaches +9) horizontal lines, both can act as support and resistance. Key events often happen near the SNR levels. One simple investment plan is setting an automatic price range in pb4 and buy the share at the open of the next bar after an "Up" arrow. Once the shares have been bought, they are set for selling at a price with +4% in profit. Taking profit at 4% usually considered very safe. The profits are collected gradually like Bees collect honey, hence the plan name "ProfitBee 4%".

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