Tuesday, January 21, 2020

20200121 1152 Prove = Profit for EURUSD Call binary option trading with PB3 Lucky Laser

Prove = Profit is a learning process to test and practice trading with a chosen set of rules. The following page series are Prove=Profit for binary option trading using PB3 ai for TradingView.

Trading Protocol:

Choose a 1m chart with Hollow Candles and PB3 for TradingView from a data provider. Always check similarity of the price data with that provided by the binary option trading platform.

***EURUSD Call binary option***
  • Draw LP laser from the yellow LP to green LP.
  • Price went above the pink Lucky level and thin trend line.
  • 20200121 1152 Both thin and thick trend lines were green. Set 3min expiry at the candle close.
  • 20200121 1153 CALL a few second after the candle open.
  • 20200121 1155 In The Money +71% at the candle close.

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