Thursday, December 13, 2018

Train your eyes to see the market maker's agenda.

20181213 14:45 in EURUSD 15 minute chart London session, CC59 counting gave a "+9" and "RSI>70" labels near the green horizontal line (previous day's high) and the horizontal light blue line (cc59 resistance) making the prices between these lines a "resistance zone". Later on at 20181213 19:45 in New York session, the market makers made a wide range stop hunting in both up and down directions forcing many investors to close their positions with losses. In this stop hunting, the price went up and briefly entered the resistance zone defined earlier. Investors with trained eyes would have seen this price shooting as a good opportunity for a short selling with a target of +50 pips downward. If they missed that moment, there was a second chance for that 45 minutes later. The profit taking target of 50 pips would have been reached within 2 hours. The image above was a snap shot from my Android smart phone that rendered EURUSD chart in TradingView with Graph Reader Pro 4.0 invited-only-script. To get the GRP4 please contact Dr.Graph.

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