Thursday, December 27, 2018

20181228 Study of the recent rise of SET:PTT.

In this educational idea, stock graphs of SET:PTT the largest oil company in Thailand are studied in comparison between daily (left) and weekly (right) time frames using a few tools chosen from the Graph Reader Pro 4.0 for TradingView such as SMA3 (green), SMA13 (aqua), SMA50(yellow/magenta), SMA200 (blue) and CC59 counting with CC59 Resistance (horizontal orange), CC59 Support (horizontal aqua), RSI(14) and MACD(12,26,9).

The Price rally of PTT began in July 2017 and ended in May 2018. The gain was about 50% in 10 months. In July 2017, the daily RSI was at 30% and the weekly RSI was about 50%. The price then climbed up quickly until the weekly CC59 counted up to "+9" and the RSI in both time frames reached 70%. This was the first rise that followed by correction/accumulation for about 2 months. The second rise was then started with CC59 count +1 up to +9. Then a few weeks of correction/accumulation followed. The third rise shot up to the initial peak very quickly within two weeks. Eight weeks later the second peak was created at the level slightly higher than the inital peak. Although the second peak was higher than the first one, its corresponding RSI was lower. This indicated a bearish divergence state that signaled the end of the uptrend. Investors with trained eyes had two weeks to spot this divergence and take profit before the long downtrend started. It can be seen that the weekly graph is cleaner and easier to read.

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